Our Mission

Apple Tree Arts’ mission is to enrich the community through the arts, by providing high-quality educational music and theatre arts programs for individuals of all ages.

Our Philosophy

We believe music and theatre arts experiences can transform lives in profound and meaningful ways. Throughout history, humans have benefited from making music and participating in theatre as both a means of self-expression and self-discipline. Music and theatre education enriches lives and brings people together. We believe it should start as early as possible and continue throughout one’s life.

Our Vision

The vision of Apple Tree Arts is:

  • To offer high-quality, impassioned music & theatre arts education that supports lifelong learning.
  • To be a tireless advocate for early childhood music education in Central Massachusetts.
  • To offer educational programs that extend music and theatre into a broader artistic experience.
  • To offer outreach programs to under-served populations throughout Central Massachusetts.
  • To bring talented musicians and other performers to the community to educate and entertain.
  • To create partnerships with area organizations to broaden awareness of the importance of music in the human artistic experience.
  • To build a strong music community in Central Massachusetts through the continuous personal and artistic development of students, faculty, staff and volunteers.