One of the great privileges in life is to make a difference in someone else’s.

Imagine making a small investment that will allow hundreds, if not thousands of people to enjoy arts and culture in your own hometown - including you and your friends and family! And this investment will be recognized every time someone attends an event in the Great Hall in Grafton- for the next 20 years or more!

Because you care about your family and community, you know that a simple kindness can change lives. We ask for your kindness today to help Apple Tree Arts install 150 chairs in the Great Hall at One Grafton Common by September 1, 2017.  We are well on our way with investments in over 40 chairs by your colleagues, friends and neighbors!  You can join them with your investment today.

Simply think of someone you would like to recognize - a family member, your business or simply leave a legacy for yourself.  

Sometimes you can make everyone’s world a bit better when you make a small gift. Please make yours today… Click below to order your chair(s) today!

Please email, with your information to personalize the plaque for your chair.  Cost is $250/chair.


Plaque Information:

In Honor of Jane Doe
In memory of Jane Doe
Thanks for the beautiful music!
Donated by the Doe family