Grades 1-4

For our youngest thespians we concentrate on basic story telling through facial expressions, body language, spoken and sung word. Minimal choreography is introduced to enhance the musical aspect of their final production. Improvisational games, team building and fun vocal warm-ups encourage confidence and self-expression, while giving them the basic tools for theatrical success. Students are actively involved in making costumes, props and set pieces as well to culminate in a production that typically runs about 20-30 minutes in length.



Show Title: FA LA LA LAND

Come Fa La La with us with a NEW musical show called Fa La La Land where one group of characters writes the music and one writes the lyrics both equally important of course but both group of characters disagree that one is more important than the other! How  can there possibly be harmony with such chaos? Well thank goodness reason prevails when the “Maestro” who is scheduled to conduct Fa La La Land intervenes and reminds us all of the importance of the season and that peace, forgiveness, love and friendship must prevail. Both groups realize their negativity must be turned around in order to have an uplifting positive musical.

Dates: Saturdays beginning Dec 1 - Feb 2; NO CLASSES on December 22 or December 29

Performance: Sat Feb 2, 7pm


Spring Semester - Registration opens Feb 1

Show Title: Goal! 


Did you know that over 13 million Americans play soccer? The game that Brazilian "football" legend Pelé called "The Beautiful Game" is the setting for this amazingly entertaining musical that not only celebrates the beauty and glory of the sport, but also the value of good sportsmanship, setting goals, being a part of a team, and more. Goal! is a musical that every cast member will love to perform, whether sports is their "thing" or not. In this musical, nobody is cut from the team, and with musical styles from Latin to rap and pop to Broadway, we celebrate setting goals and working as a team to accomplish amazing things together!



Dates: Saturdays beginning March 2 - May 11; NO CLASSES April 20

Times: 10:00am - noon

Performance: Sat May 11, 7pm

Fee: $210

Teachers: Susan Upham, Shannon May



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